Pilgrimage Items

Pilgrimage Book (Junpai cho) 1200 yen

This specially designed book is for holding the stamps you receive at each temple and shrine. It can be purchased at most of the shrines and temples.
You will also receive a free prayer book (usually 50 yen) when you purchase the pilgrimage book.
* The stamp is inserted on the left side and on the right is an explanation of the corresponding temple or shrine (in Japanese).

Prayer Booklet (Tonae kotoba)

50 yen

This has Shinto prayers on one side and Buddhist sutras on the other.

*(Left) The Shinto prayers and (Right) the Buddhist sutras.





String to hold the beads (Go-en jyu musubi)    1000 yen

This string is for holding all the beads you receive on your journey and makes a nice souvenir. If you wear it on your journey, other pilgrims will be able to identify you and it will be easier to strike up a conversation, which will surely enhance your experience.


Official Guide Book (Japanese only)   200 yen (A5 size)

This full colour guide to the Izumo Shinbutsu Pilgrimage contains information on the pilgrimage and souvenirs, how to pray, an introduction to each shrine and temple, Q&A, and maps etc. It is on sale at the shrine and temple shops.


Pilgrim's Garment (Hakui)   2500 yen All sizes are the same price.

 M (under 165cm/5ft 4in.),L (165cm - 170cm/5ft 4in. - 5ft 6in.),2L (over 170cm/over 5ft 6in.)

This is the official garment of the Izumo Shinbutsu Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage logo is printed on the back in colour, and there are also eight clouds printed on the garment representing the eightfold fence of Izumo which appears in local mythology. 

 We recommend you wear this garment on your journey.
Wearing this garment and observing the correct way to pray at each holy site will be a wonderful purifying experience. You can also wear the beads over the garment just like in the photograph.