No. 7 Kezoji Temple

前の社寺 次の社寺 トピックス マップ

Bus: Bus from Matsue Station bound for Honjo to Honjo-cho, then 15 min. by taxi. Car: 35 min. from Matsue Station, 30 min. from Yonago Station, 1 hour 10 min. from Izumo Airport. Parking: Large car park to the left of the approach entrance (with toilets). Space for 4 cars at the approach entrance then 15 min. climb.

Kezoji Temple sits on the top of Mt. Makuragi (456m) from where it is said one has the best view in the whole San-in area.
205 Makuragi-cho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture 690-1111
TEL: 0852-34-1241
Parking: 45 spaces (15 min. walk)