No. 11 Kiyomizu Temple

前の社寺 次の社寺 トピックス マップ

Car: 10 km from Yonago, 4 km from Yasugi. (Follow the signs). Parking: 20 bus and 150 car parking spaces.

Kiyomizu Temple is known for its ability to ward off evil and has many sights including a pagoda, a treasure house and a garden.
528 Kiyomizu-cho, Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture 692-0033
Tel: 0854-22-2151
Parking: 150 spaces (10 min from large car park/3 min. from Sanno-mon parking).

5 min.




涅槃会 お釈迦様の鼻くそをいただこう